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If you like to donate goods in kind instead of
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Hanna van Vuuren
076 221 0241

The word “haven’ doesn’t only mean place of safety. It means security, retreat, refuge, oasis and port in a storm. At Heneka Haven we aim to provide exactly that. A safe home and refuge for children with a short life expectancy – children who have been neglected, traumatized and are permanently disabled.

We are currently housing 12 children – who have all outlived the fate that was announced as theirs. We believe that every child in our house – has exactly as much potential within them as each one of us – in spite of their disabilities.

The children at Heneka Haven are not only cared for – they are loved – nurtured and part of a family where they can belong. The best gift that we can give the babies in our house – is not a home – it’s seeing them in the same way Love does.


You can get involved in more than one way: Financially, by donating goods, and/or time.

For more details get in contact with our house parents.


  • Diapers 5 + 6

  • Adult nappies Medium

  • Wet wipes

  • Latex gloves

  • Meat

  • Macaroni

  • Mieliemeel

  • Oats

  • Maltabella pap

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ABSA Cheque
Account name: Heneka Haven
Account number: 4087665891
Branch: Retail & Business Bank, Pretoria
Branch code: 632005
Reference: FGHH- Heneka Haven

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