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If you like to donate goods in kind instead of
finances, please contact the house parents.

Jhani van der Westhuizen
083 733 5432

My Huis child and youth care centre cares for traumatized children of all races, between the ages of 5-18 years, who have been removed from their parent’s care because of abuse, neglect or abandonment. In their short lives, they have experienced the trauma and despair that comes with their vulnerable position in life. My Huis our focus is on creating an environment conducive to a child’s emotional, physical and spiritual growth, with lots of exposure to great opportunities, fun and family times. We want our children to know they are loved, unique and capable.

Thank you for caring about our children…

My Huis is a registered PBO which allows donors to apply for a rebate on their tax assessment.


You can get involved in more than one way: Financially, by donating goods, and/or time.

For more details get in contact with our house parents.


  • Financial support
  • Maintenance of home
  • Extra classes for school subjects
  • Weekend and vacation families
  • School supplies and clothing

Secure payments facilitated by

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ABSA Cheque
Account name: Jhb kinder huis
Account number: 4057351501
Branch: Retail & Business Bank Pretoria
Branch code: 632005
Reference: My Huis

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