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If you like to donate goods in kind instead of
finances, please contact the house parents.

Louise Hoffman
082 622 2170

Victory Kidz Moot is a haven for children who’ve been removed from abusive or poverty-stricken home situations. We currently love and care for nine children who are now safe to dream.


You can get involved in more than one way: Financially, by donating goods, and/or time.

For more details get in contact with our house parents.


  • Long life milk: 72 litre p/m
  • Margarine: 6 kg p/m


  • Patties 4 per pack x 8 p/m
  • Brisket: 1,5 kg x 2 p/m
  • Stir fry beef: 1,5 kg x 2 p/m
  • Stir fry chicken: 1 kg x 3 p/m
  • Mince: 2 kg x6 p/m
  • Stewing beef: 1,5 kg x 6 p/m
  • Chicken breast: 12 pieces x 3 p/m
  • Chicken drumsticks: 12 pieces x 3 p/m
  • Tenderized steak: 12 hand lengths x 4 p/m
  • Braai meat: 12 pieces x 6 p/m
  • Sausage: 12 pieces x 6 p/m
  • Whole chicken: 1×4 p/m


  • cornflakes
  • wheetbix
  • Iwisa Instant breakfast porridge: strawberry or chocolate flavour (8 x 1kg pack p/m)
  • Sugar 15 kg p/m


  • spaghetti and macaroni: 2 kg each p/m

Secure payments facilitated by

Donate Now


ABSA Cheque
Account name: House Victory
Account number: 4090219209
Branch: Retail & Business Bank Pretoria
Branch code: 632005
Reference: Victory Kidz Moot

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